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Penetration Testing

The Binahlab team has many years of experience of implementing solutions that have clear and specific business benefit deliverables. Our Solution Architect team provides industry experienced "thought leadership" on emerging technology and trends, often assisting customers during their own strategy and planning sessions.


As many organizations and institutions want to automate their operations and services, it will be important to say that this raises a lot of security concerns owing to the magnitude of attacks and exploit freely circulating in the World Wide Web. The truth remains that often than not security is usually a secondary concern. The programmer wants to get his code or program working and later think about security.


It will be important to say that the most secured system is the one with security in mind from the design to deployment and still we need to double check – thus the need for an independent security auditor.

Binahlab Systems has a different approach to information security, we rather approach it from an offensive perspective- we try to see information systems from the eyes of a black-hat hacker, we attack this systems, discover vulnerabilities where possible and proffer solutions to mitigate its future occurrence. We do not just give advice or speak lots of security jargons we show working. And after you have done all your home work- put-up intrusion detection systems, firewalls and anti-virus how about the people who work for you?


At Binahlab Systems we take social Engineering seriously, we know that the devil is in the details, if the people who handle your information systems are not well trained and informed in the areas of social Engineering attacks we would like to say that your work is not done.


While it will be hard to bypass a firewall, an email from a trusted fellow or acquaintance is just all that is needed to compromise the entire organization. This is why we take training of staff on the most effective way of staying safe online and detecting Social Engineering ploy very seriously.


Services includes:

  1. Network penetration Testing
  2. Application penetration testing / code review
  3. Information security compliance Audit
  4. Information security policy formulation
  5. Human hacking/ Social Engineering contractors