Binahlab Services

The Binahlab team has many years of experience of implementing solutions that have clear and specific business benefit deliverables. Our Solution Architect team provides industry experienced "thought leadership" on emerging technology and trends, often assisting customers during their own strategy and planning sessions.

Identify the Value - We have specialists who work closely with our customers to help them outline their business requirements and identify the real savings that any new solution is expected to achieve. This is documented and the project delivery is aligned to ensure that the expected savings are achieved throughout the project delivery.

Deliver the Value - The project delivery phase takes into consideration the expected savings that have been identified as part of the ‘Identify the Value’ step, and the project engagement is managed to ensure that value is delivered at key stages throughout the project.

Assure the Value - Once the project has been delivered (or sometimes during the project delivery), the expected savings are monitored to ensure that our customers are achieving the projected savings. When the project is completed a final exercise is undertaken to review the solution and ensure that all savings have been achieved. This is done in close partnership with our customers.

Our Engagement Model provides a close working relationship either directly with our customers or with a series of trained and certified delivery partners through the Clarity Partner Program. Our partners have access to a vast array of "best-practices" that have been generated from over 15 years of project delivery. These "best-practices" provide the tools and methodologies to enable quality implementations on time and to budget.