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Talent, Culture and Values

Energy, experience and commitment, combined with seasoned business savvy and a strong corporate culture, is what makes the Binahlab team so successful.

Staff and management are encouraged to be innovative, imaginative, analytical, action-orientated and communicative. These qualities address the core of our corporate culture. Personnel use this creative environment to invent the products and carry out the processes of the business with skill, enthusiasm and commitment. As a talent based organization, Binahlab has built the enterprise upon four basic principles, product innovation, transaction simplicity, retention of revenue streams and personal integrity.

Binahlab offers an Education Assistance Program that encourages all staff to improve their skills, knowledge and credentials. Staff can take up training opportunities in programming, personal development, management skills and office productivity software.

We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team. if you like to write codes, If you like to create something and have your name on it, if you are the type with critical eye and keen judgement of things then you are the type we would like to hear from, Please kindly email your CV to Be sure we will contact you.